About Us

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by the wellness industry? 🙋

Us too. Despite our best intentions, our society’s quest to be our best selves has evolved into a laundry list of can’ts, shoulds and don’ts and, ultimately, a whole lot of anxiety.

So when did wellness start to make us feel so...unwell?

Our Mission

Hi, we’re JOVA! And like you, we’ve got dreams. We dream of a world where people can live full-er. Where the act of consuming is no longer all-consuming. One where we focus less on what healthy looks like and more on what it feels like (hint: it does not feel like restricting yourself or stressing over every calorie). 

Out with the exhausting and toxic no-good noise.

The new mantra? Let’s enjoy a healthier relationship with our health.

Live Life Full-Er

As anti-perfectionists, we think living life to the fullest is a high bar to set. Instead, we dream of a world where you simply live life a bit full-er. That’s why we created JOVA —  dietitian-developed, whole nutrition smoothie kits thoughtfully crafted to keep your body full, happy and fueled to do amazing things. Because when you eat good, you feel good. We’re not saying our smoothies save lives, we’re simply saying no one ever won a Nobel prize on an empty stomach.

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Our Story

Our Story

I was, quite literally, hungry for a change.

The modern world can be pretty demanding and sometimes in an effort to “do it all” we can lose sight of prioritizing the one thing that allows us to — our health. As someone who considered herself a wellness expert, I realized something wasn’t right.

Wellness hacks like fasting or skipping meals, grabbing a smoothie that left me hungry an hour later, or choking down a protein bar that felt like a rock in my stomach was leaving me feeling… pretty unwell. I found myself physically and mentally depleted. Joining the wellness world was supposed to turn me into my best and healthiest self, but I was arguably worse off than when I started. Looking around, I noticed I wasn’t the only one running on empty. I couldn’t help but shout - what are we doing here!?

I was, quite literally, hungry for a change. I knew it was time to return to a world where food is a friend, not a threat. Where food tastes as good as it feels, without being all-consuming. Where nutrition does what it’s supposed to do — keep us full.

I was fired up. I wanted to create something that actually delivered on these promises. Lucky for me, my friend just happens to be a registered dietitian, so I went straight to the source. Out came JOVA - a product rooted in real goodness, not just wellness. Complete nutrition made from real ingredients to give our body the nutrients it needs to do the amazing things we love. No false promises, questionable ingredients, empty calories, or sacrifices of joy. And of course, we made it convenient (and delicious).

So let’s get back to basics. Because when you eat good, you feel good. And when you feel good, the day is yours – one sip at a time. 

Cheers to healthier (and fuller) days ahead!